Manage Exercise Variation

Variation - Cooldown Stretching
Ignore this variation for just this section.
Refresh this variation—the next workout will try and select a new exercise variation if available.
Customize how long you want to see exercises before they refresh.
Add a delay before this variation is recycled from your workouts.
The Weekly Training Volume Targets feature takes precedence over this.
Add a delay before this variation is recirculated back into your workouts.
This may not apply if there are no other exercises available.
Track how many sets and reps you complete.
Ignore this exercise and all of its variations for all sections.
Progress or regress exercises to switch between easier and harder variations.
Progress or regress an exercise's progression level to switch to an easier or harder variation.

Compass Stretch

Prerequisites 2

Butterfly Stretch

Requires proficiency of 50%

Forward Folds

Requires proficiency of 50%